At Kneaders, we value our customers above all else. Without you we wouldn’t have anyone to cook for! In addition to making the tastiest food imaginable we also offer you, our loyal customers, 5% back on every dollar you spend with us. Loaf of bread? 5% back. Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich? 5% back. Use your balance to buy more loaves of bread and more TBA sandwiches. It’s the ideal system.

Next time you’re in to Kneaders pick up your own Frequent Diner card. Register it online (use this link). This is an important step. Until you register your card you can accrue points but you can’t redeem them so be sure to register it right away.It’s very easy so be sure to do it! Swipe it whenever you buy something from Kneaders and start earning your 5%. It’s as easy as that.

Again, thank you for being a loyal customer!

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Rules for this program can change without notice. See this website for updates.

Loyalty Card Balance expire after one year of Complete Inactivity i.e. no points accrual or expenditure.